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Member's reports

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Member's reports

Keeping up to date with your email members activity will help you hone your newsletters and help make your email marketing more effective. Advantage mailer offers an number of reports to help you manage your members:

  • View active and inactive members
    You can view and manage active and inactive members in advantage mailer. Active members are members who have opened, read or clicked on an email, inactive members are those who have not. You can view reports of these members to help you further target your email newsletters.

  • View most popular email newsletters
    You can view reports showing the most popular email newsletter campaigns, you can sort reports by open rates, click through rates and more.

  • View most popular links within your email newsletters
    You can view reports showing the most popular links clicked within your email newsletters, helping you understand what your members are interested in viewing.

Reports can also be separated by email campaigns to help you determine which of your email newsletters have been the most or least successful.

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